Marvel’s Avengers: How To Open All 4 Depots in Mission Condition: Green

Get some nice gear and resources

How to open all four deptos in mission Condition: Green

Depots in Marvel’s Avengers are fortified structured found in War Zones. They contain useful loot like gear, resources and collectables. In this guide, I’ll show you how to open all four depots found in Hulk’s iconic mission, Condition: Green.

Condition: Green Depots

There are four depots in the mission Condition: Green. 3 are located in the first half of the mission, the open/outside area and one located in the second half of the mission. Inside the facility, you have to enter.

If you can’t be bothered reading, then watch the short video guide below. Otherwise, read on to find out how to get these depots open.



Finding the depots

Unfortunately, Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t have an in-game map but finding the depots is pretty easy.

When you are in the mission, you will probably notice some diamond-shaped icons with question marks in them. Some of these are the depots, but some are special enemies.

Just head towards these icons and you will soon find the depots. Once you are close enough to a depot, the icon will change to the one shown below.

Marvel's Avengers Depot Icon



I’ve named the first three depots depot 1, 2 and 3 but you might locate them in a different order. These were located before I went to do the main mission objective.

Depot 1

Depot 1 is located underneath a long bridge/walkway like structure.


Top open depot one, stand on the ground just below the door and look up to the right. Look for a round object on the wall that looks like a circular light. You can also use Tactical Awareness to highlight the object.

Depot 1 circular door switch

As Hulk, press L2 to pick up a chunk of debris and use R2 to throw it at the circular switch. If you hit it, you should here a distinctive sound and the switch will turn green.

Depot 2

Depot 2 is located on the ground floor of a small building. The area has lots of towers with the platforms on them.

Depot 2 door
Depot 2 entrance

The switch to open this dept can be found on the side of one of the towers with the platforms. As before, pick up a chunk of debris and throw it at the switch until you hear the success sound and the central part of the switch turns green.

Depot 2 switch

Depot 3

Depot 3 is the third depot found in the open part of the mission. This is probably the easiest to find. However, opening it up is a bit different than the previous 2.

This depot is located within a large building with the AIM sign on the front.

Depot 3 entrance

To open this depot, use Tactical Awareness (UP on the D-PAD) to highlight four switch boxes. The boxes are rectangular shaped with the hexagonal AIM logo.

Depot 3 four switch boxes

There are two switch boxes located on either side of the depot door on the ground floor, and two located on a balcony above the door.

You have to activate the switch boxes by meleeing them, they don’t seem to activate by throwing debris at them. Once activated, the hexagonal part will turn blue. Activate one box after the other until they all turn green and you hear the success sound.

If you are playing solo, don’t worry, you have a good bit of time before the switch boxes reset.

Depot 4

Depot 4 is found inside the facility you have to enter for the main mission objective.

It is located to the left very shortly after you exit the elevator.

Depot 4 entrance

opening this depot is the same as the last one. There are four switch boxes that you have to activate in order to open it. They are not as easy to find as the last depot though, but, luckily I’ve got you covered.

You can use Tactical Awareness to highlight the switch boxes and they will glow white, making them easier to spot.

The first switch box (pictured below) is located to the right of the depot door.

Depot 4 switch box 1

From the dept door, turn around and go through the entranceway that says Administration above it. Then turn left and go around to the right past a large grey-looking structure and find the second switch box in the back right corner.

Depot 4 switch box 2

From the second switch box, turn around and go right and go straight ahead a bit to another grey-looking structure. In the corner, to the right of that structure, you will find the third switch box.

Depot 4 switch box 3

While facing the third switch box, head left then left again through a large opening into a hallway. Immediately turn left and find the fourth switch box in the corner, to the right of the opening you just walked through (opposite the large door that says Bio Medical Research Laboratories on it.)

Take a mental picture of where each switch box is located. Now all you have to do is activate each one after the other. I started with the fourth switch box and worked my way back.

As with the previous switch boxes, you have to melee them to activate them, the hexagonal part will turn blue when activated. Activate all four to open the depot door.

And that is all the depots in the mission Condition: Green.

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