Marvel’s Iron Man VR Demo is an Absolute Blast

A blast of fresh air

Marvel's Iron Man VR Demo is a blast

I donned the PSVR headset earlier today and took the Marvel’s Iron Man VR Demo for a test flight. I was very impressed. Soaring through the air as Iron Man just felt great.

After the initial PSVR calibration, it was time to suit up and take to the skies. Watch my amateur Iron Man antics below in the gameplay video.

Learning to fly in Marvel’s Iron Man VR Demo

The first part of the Marvel’s Iron Man VR Demo is the obligatory tutorial section.  The game does a good job of showing the basic controls for the Iron Man suit. It did take me a few minutes to get the hang of the controls. But even after a bit of time with the game, I still found it difficult to accurately control the flight. I found my self overshooting where I wanted to be a lot of the time.

The tutorial has you strapping into the Iron Man suit and flying through some targets to get you used to the flight controls. You need to play Iron Man VR standing up and with the Move controls. As you have to stand with your hands at your side to control the direction you want to go in.

Iron Man VR demo tutorial

With a Move Controller in each hand, you can press the trigger button on just one to control direction, you can also double-tap either trigger to get a speed boost.

The second part of the tutorial has you shooting some targets. For this part, you need to hold your palm out to point and shoot. Shooting with one hand whilst controlling flight direction with the other took a The final part of the little bit of getting used to.

The final part of the tutorial has you flying through targets whilst shooting other targets and using your Iron Man punch on another bunch of targets.

Attack of the drones

Once the tutorial section is over you find yourself on Tony Stark’s private jet. The delectable Pepper Potts makes an appearance. There’s not much time for chatting though as you are soon attached by some drones.

Marvel's Iron Man VR demo

This part of Marvel’s Iron Man VR demo was exhilarating. After the attack on Tony Stark’s private jet, you jump out of the gaping hole in the side of the jet. Once outside amidst the clouds, your Iron Man suit pieces are attache one by one. It’s time to take out some drones.

The moves I learned during the tutorial were put to the test as drones came flying towards me from all directions. Shooting the drones and watching them blow up into tiny little pieces was extremely satisfying.

The best part though was having to follow the jet. The sense of scale was amazing as you got closer and closer to jet. There fire billowing out of the jet and you have to get really close to the engine and use the Iron Man suit’s built-in fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

Marvel's Iron Man VR jet

You can even land on the Jet’s wing. Incredible.

Overall I was very impressed with the Marvel’s Iron Man VR Demo. Developer Camouflaj have a done a fantastic job of creating a thrilling Iron Man VR experience. And haven’t even experienced the full game yet.

The graphics are pretty good and the views you see when you are flying high are breathtaking. I can’t wait ’til the full game comes out on July 3rd.