Marvel’s Spider-Man Looks Like It Will Have An Amazing Photo Mode

Create your own awesome Spider-Man comic book covers with the fantastic photo mode in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man photo mode

Thwip, Swoosh! Booom, Insomniac Games dropped a fantastic looking photo mode trailer for their upcoming PS4 exclusive game, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The photo mode looks like it will be just as much fun as the game, with countless things you can create, including awesome looking Spider-Man comic book covers.

I love games with photo modes, Assassin’s Creed Origins photo mode was spectacular and let you create some amazing screenshots of the gorgeous Egyptian world.  God of War had an equally impressive photo mode for taking some cool snapshots of Kratos and Atreus.

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s photo mode looks to be just as in-depth with the amount of photo mode features that AC Origins and God of War had, maybe even more so.

Marvel's Spider-Man photo mode selfie stickers

As well as the usual range of features and effects that you would expect to find ina photo mode, Marvel’s Spider-Man also has a cool selfie camera type, so you can snap some selfies of Spidey as your swinging through New York City.

There is also a really great sticker mode and going by the trailer, there’s a ton of different stickers to go through which you can use to decorate your Spider-Man screenshots.

The stickers are tons of diffirent images, clip-art, and comic book Exclamation and Action Words, which you can also use to create superb looking Spider-Man comic book covers, like the one below I screenshotted from the trailer.

Marvel's Spider-Man photo mode comic book cover

It’s not only cool looking selfies of Spidey and awesome looking comic book covers you can create using the Spider-Man photo mode.

Going by the photo mode features and variety of different sticker and graphic elements we’ve seen in the trailer, it looks like you could create your very own comic book scenes using screenshots and the Action Word stickers.

When the game realeases, I can see thousands of digital Spider-Man comics being created and uploaded by some fo the more creative Spidey fans.

Marvel's Spider-Man photo mode comic book scene

Marvel’s Spider-Man looks like a fantastic game. I can’t wait to to start web swinging my way through New York City and taking some cool screen shots in the photo mode.

The game is due to release on September 7th and is exclusive to PS4.