Moss and Moss Book II Are Coming to PS VR2

Heroic mouse Quill get’s some fancy new features for PS VR2 in February

Moss and Moss Book II heading to PS VR2

Quill is heading to PlayStation VR2 as Moss and Moss Book II are getting a PS5 upgrade and heading to PS5 and Sony’s new VR headset.

The two excellent PS VR games are being updated with some new features to take advantage of the PlayStation 5 and the PS VR2 headset and Sense controllers. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, developer Polyarc outlined the new features coming to the Moss and Moss Book II bundle when it lands on PS VR2 on 22nd February 2023. The same day the new headset launches.

The new features coming to Moss and Moss Book II on PS VR2 include:

  • Improved Haptics – Moss and MOss Book II will take advantage of the Sense controller’s haptic feedback and the PS VR2’s headset vibration for a greater sense of presence and danger.
  • Two controller set-up – Moss and Moss Book II on PS VR2 has been redesigned to use the PS VR2’s Sense controllers. The two-controller setup will feel more natural, allowing players to express themselves more freely.
  • Adaptive Triggers – Adaptive triggers will allow action to feel distinct and you will feel the tension of and weight of virtual objects as you move them about the world.
  • Eye Tracking – In Moss and Moss Book II on PS VR you had to hover over a movable object to highlight it, thus letting you know it was moveable and could be interacted with. With PS VR2’s eye-tracking you just need to look at an object and will shine with that distinctive blue glow.
  • Foveated rendering and increased field of view – Moss and Moss Book II on PS VR2 will use foveated rendering and an increased field of view for a greater sense of immersion. The games will run at 4K 90FPS.

The Moss and Moss Book II bundle for PS VR2 is priced at £32.49 and can be pre-ordered on the PlayStation Store. As much as I love the MOss games I don’t know if I want to pay over £30 to replay them again. If you have already played them on PS VR1 it might be worth waiting for a sale.