Moss: Book 2 – How To Get The Tailspin Trophy

Dizzy mouse

Moss: Book II tailspin trophy guide - Quill just after getting dizzy

The Tailspin trophy in Moss: Book 2 is a bronze trophy in which you need to make Quill dizzy.

The trophy is really easy to do and can be done at the very start of the game, as soon as you are able to move Quill with the controller.

To get the Tailspin trophy, you don’t have to interact with Quill using L2, R2 or anything like that. Simply spin Quill around by rotating the left analogue stick. Keep rotating the left stick and spinning QWuill around until she goes into a dizzy animation.

The Tailspin trophy will pop once Quill gets dizzy.

And that is how you get the Tailspin trophy in Moss: Book 2.