Moss: Book II Launches March 31st, New PS VR Gameplay Shown

Reunite with the loveable mouse Quill in a couple of weeks time on PlayStation VR

Moss: Book II launches March 31st, new PS VR gameplay shown

The lovable little mouse Quill is back in Moss: Book II. The sequel to the 2018 PlayStation VR hit Moss takes place after the events of the first game and adds a load of new stuff to make the game even more immersive.

Developer Polyarc previously revealed some new details about Moss: Book II. The sequel will have bigger areas to explore and each room will be connected. There will also be new mechanics and weapons. In the PlayStation VR gameplay below, we can see Quill wielding a hammer.

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I recently played the first game over the Christmas holidays and I absolutely loved it. I definitely can’t wait to play Moss: Book II. If you can’t wait either then don’t worry, Moss: Book II will be out on March 31st 2022, just a couple of weeks from now.