Moss: Book II Review (PS VR) – Quill The Champion Mouse Returns Triumphantly

Moss: Book II manages to imrove upon the near-perfect game that the first Moss was

Moss Book 2 review - game screenshot Quill

The PlayStation VR has had some fantastic games since its launch in 2016. Blood & Truth, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Resident Evil 7, and of course the first Moss game to name but a few. As the PS VR comes to the end of its lifespan and we all wait in anticipation for PlayStation VR2, it’s good to know the developers are still creating really amazing games for the PS VR. Moss: Book II is one of those amazing games.

Moss Book 2 Review, Quill on teh page of the book

Moss: Book II Reviewed – An improvement an an already perfect VR game

The first Moss game was already a pretty near perfect PlayStation VR game. I absolutely loved every minute I spent playing it. Even with its level of perfection, developer Polyarc has somehow managed to make Moss: Book II even better.

Book II takes place immediately after the events of Book I, so for players of the original game, Book II seems almost like an immediate continuation of the story. In Moss: Book II, Quill the hero mouse holds Glass that her enemies are trying to take from her. Quill must venture deep into the hexed castle of the Arcane, and helped by her partner (you, the Reader) she must overcome all manner of tricky puzzles and dish out a bit of vengeance as well.

The same, but better

In many ways Moss: Book II is pretty much the same as the first Moss. However, in other ways, Moss: Book II improves upon the first game quite a bit. If you have played the original Moss, then Moss: Book II will be instantly familiar. The level design, I would say is essentially the same as the first Moss game, except, that some of the levels do feel bigger and more ‘explorable.’

With Moss: Book II, Polyarc has certainly done a great job of taking an incredible PlayStation VR game and somehow managed to make it even more incredible.

The first thing I noticed about Moss: Book II is that the transition from room to room seems a good bit quicker. This is great for keeping you immersed in the game. The levels, or rooms, in Moss: Book II are also very interconnected. This makes exploration and backtracking for collectables a lot more fun and enjoyable.

With Moss: Book II, Polyarc has certainly done a great job of taking an incredible PlayStation VR game and somehow managed to make it even more incredible.

Mighty weapons for a mighty mouse

Perhaps the biggest and best addition to Moss: Book II is the different weapons that Quill can wield. Quill of course still has her trusty sword, but as you progress through the game, our hero mouse will acquire some other weapons.

Along with these weapons, Quill also acquires charged abilities. For example, if you charge Quill’s sword she can do a dash move. This is very useful for getting our little mouse across large gaps, or for taking out a couple of enemies at a time.

One of the other weapons that Quill will acquire is the Chakram, a circular throwing weapon that Quill can charge and throw so that it becomes lodged in a wall. She can then call this back like a boomerang and it will destroy anything in its return path.

Moss Book II screenshot cahrged hammer attack

Out tiny hero mouse will also acquire a large and heavy-looking hammer. The hammer deals extra damage to non-armoured enemies and its charged attack can deal massive damage with an even heavier and more powerful hit.

The combat side of things is just as good as the original Moss game was. But if you take the new weapons, and abilities and couple that with the ability to control the enemies then this gives the combat in Moss: Book II more depth and more options to tackle enemies.

Head-scratching puzzles galore

Each of the new weapons and new abilities also come in handy when trying to solve the various tricky puzzles found throughout the game. In fact, they are not just handy they are pretty much required to solve some of them.

The new weapons and abilities add an extra dimension to the puzzle-solving in Moss: Book II. The puzzles aren’t particularly difficult but they are very well done, in that some of them do you leave you scratching your head for a bit. But once you figure out where to place the Chakram and move Quill into position. Or realise that you can use the hammer ability to operate a switch that moves a platform that Quill can get raised up on then the puzzles, eventually are easy to solve.

Moss Book II screenshot, a room where you have to solve a puzzle

I often found myself stuck in a room, not knowing how to proceed, but after trying a few different things, I usually always had that eureka moment where something clicked and I managed to solve the puzzle. You, the Reader also play a big part in solving the many puzzles in Moss: Book II. The interactivity with various objects, that help Quill reach the next area really makes the game extremely immersive. And it is very satisfying when you solve a particularly head-scratching puzzle.

Moss: Book II – Without a doubt, one of the best PS VR games there is

As I said in the opening paragraph of this review, there have been many amazing PS VR games. Games that immersed you in their world, games which you could only imagine playing in VR. The original Moss is certainly one of those games, now, Moss: Book II can be added to the list of best PS VR games of all time.

Moss: Book II expands and improves upon the near-perfect experience that Moss provided and creates a sequel that is exciting, heartwarming and really immerses you in the world of Moss. From the brilliant story and narration to some heartwrenching moments where you pity Quill but then want her to get up and kick some ass.

The levels and world are fantastically designed and perfectly suited for VR. The game is more explorable, the puzzles a bit more challenging and the new weapons and abilities add an extra level to the combat and puzzle-solving.

If you own a PlayStation VR headset then make sure you play Moss: Book II. A sequel that will warm your heart, and leave you wanting more of the world of Moss.

Moss: Book II - The PSF Verdict


Polyarc has taken a near-perfect game in the original Moss and managed to make Moss: Book II even better. Moss: Book II is a game that will warm your heart and leave you wanting more of the world of Moss.