Myths of the Pharaohs Guide, All Stelae & Pharaohs Treasure Locations

Guide to all stelae locations & treasures of the pharaohs

Myths of the Pharaohs guides stelae and pharaosh treasure locations

Myths of the Pharaohs are new puzzles in Assassin’s Creed Origins. They where introduced with the Curse of the Pharaohs expansion. They are similar to the Papyrus Puzzles from the main AC Origins game & The Hidden Ones expansion.

Each of the four afterlife locations in Curse of the Pharaohs has Stelae (stone tablets) locations, there are four stelae locations in each afterlife region. Once you find a stelae location and then find the actual stelae itself, you have to read the stelae by pressing triangle. Upon reading the stelae a new pharaohs myth will apear in your inventory.

Myths of the Pharaohs inventory screen

Once you find and read all the stelae in a particualr afterlife region, you will recieve a new pharaohs myth which contains a cryptic clue to the whereabouts of the pharaohs hidden treasure. There is a hidden treasure for each of the pharaoh’s afterlife regions.

  • Aaru – Nefertiti
  • Aten – Akhenaten
  • Duat – Tutankhamun
  • Heb Sed – Ramesses

In total there are 16 stelae locations to find and four pharaohs treasures to locate.

I’ve created guides for each afterlife region which includes the locations fo all the stelae for that region and a guide to finding the pahraohs hidden treasure.

Looting the pharaohs treasure will net you a very nice legendary weapon. The weapon you get will be random from the loot pool.