Naughty Dog Hires Monetization Designer for Upcoming The Last of Us Multiplayer

Looks like Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us online game will be getting a battle pass

The Last of Us online multiplayer game concept art

Naughty Dog has hired a Fortnite Battle Pass expert as their Principle Monetization Designer, presumably for the upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer game.

As reported by Games Rader, Naughty Dog has recruited Anders Howard, an ex-Fortnite Battle Pass designer. According to Games Radar Howard worked at Epic on Fornite’s Battle Pass progression system. He has also introduced Battle Pass systems to Fall Guys and Rocket League. Howard most recently worked for Ubisoft in Stockholm, Sweden.

Howard announced his new job at Naughty Dog on Twitter and he seems pretty excited to be working at the famed PlayStation Studio.

Howard’s job title at Naughty Dog is Principle Monetization Designer. Which I guess means he is responsible for thinking of ways to make players spend the most money possible. Monetization in the form of micro-transactions and battle passes is generally disliked by a large portion of gamers. It will be interesting to see if Anders Howard and Naughty Dog can pull off monetizing the game without pissing off fans.

Naughty Dog is yet to share or reveal anything substantial about their The Last of Us multiplayer game. But the studio did say a while ago that it will be their “biggest online experience” and will be larger than Factions.

Source: Games Radar