New Forspoken Deep Dive Showcases Frey’s Nifty Parkour Skills

Mastering these parkour skills will make traversing Athia a piece of cake

Forspoken screenshot

A new Forspoken deep dive has been posted to the PlayStation Blog that showcases Frey’s Magic Parkour and traversal skills.

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The video above shows the eight Magic Parkour skills that Frey can call upon as she traverses the landscapes of Athia.

The video and PlayStation Blog post take a deeper look at these nifty parkour skills. But the video also shows just how fast-paced Forspoken will be. I think this trailer more than any other for Forspoken has gotten me pretty excited for the game.

Open-world games are my favourite and having the ability to quickly move around the world and reach out-of-the-way places makes exploring so much more enjoyable.

Frey’s Magic Parkour Skills in Forspoken

Frey has eight magic parkour skills that she can use to quickly traverse the world of Athia.

  • Flow – the core ability, will make Frey travel at high speeds, i.e. dash across the landscape but depletes stamina
  • Rush – Allows Frey to move even faster by unleashing a burst of concentrated energy. Replenishes stamina.
  • Shimmy – Accelerates Frey by kicking off the ground. Can cover large distances in a single jump without using stamina.
  • Float – Defies gravity and essentially allows Frey to fall (or float) from high heights without taking damage.
  • Glide – Allows Frey to skim across water like she is surfing.
  • Zip – A defensive manoeuvre that can help Frey get out of harm’s way by unleashing a magical tether than can grab onto certain objects. Also lets Frey reach hard-to-reach areas.
  • Soar – Lets Freytraverse vertical heights with multiple leaps in quick succession. Useful for climbing tall structures
  • Scale – Give Frey an extra boost needed to reach the top of tall structures and can create phantom footholds. Also used for defence.

Magic Parkour skills can be upgraded by completing Spellcraft Challenges. Upgrading Frey’s parkour skills can reduce stamina consumption or a faster regeneration time.

Forspoken is shaping up to be a fantastic game with an incredible open world. I only hope the world is “alive” and has that lived-in feel. As there’s nothing worse than a big ‘ol empty open world.

Forspoken is out on January 24th 2023 for PlayStation 5.