New PS5 & PS4 Games For this Week – April 17th to April 21st 2023

Aloy heads to LA this week in Burning Shores and there’s loads more PS5 and PS4 games this week too.

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores art

This coming week is packed with new PS5 and PS4 games for you to enjoy. The big release this week, in my opinion, is the first (and probably the last) DLC for Horizon Forbidden West. Burning Shores launches on Wednesday 19th April and sees Aloy investigating new threats in the ruins of Los Angeles. Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores will be on PS5 only, so if you have the base game on PS4 you will have to upgrade to PS5 to play this DLC.

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Also on Wednesday is a whole host of Final Fantasy pixel remasters coming to PS4. If you like your game graphics pixelated instead of high fidelity then these six pixel remasters of Final Fantasy games might just be for you.

Also on Wednesday PS VR2 gets a new game in the form of Afterlife VR, that is, according to the official description a “truly immersive horror game that will let you experience the true essence of terror.” Sounds pretty frightening, let’s hope it looks and plays as well as it sounds.

And finally for big releases this week there is also Dead Island 2 which comes out on Friday 21st of April. The first-person action RPG takes place in a gore-drenched and zombie-infested Los Angeles nicknamed HELL-A. But its not the same Los Angeles that Aloy will be going to in Burning Shores.

Check out all the new PS5 and PS4 coming this week below.

New PS5 & PS4 Games for April 17th to April 21st 2023

Tuesday, April 18th

Wednesday, April 19th

  • Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores – PS5
  • Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster – PS4
  • Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster – PS4
  • Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster – PS4
  • Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster – PS4
  • Final Fatnasy V Pixel Remaster – PS4
  • Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster – PS4
  • Afterlife VR – PS5(PS VR2)

Thursday, April 20th

Friday, April 21st