New PS5 Update Adds DualSense Edge Support

PlayStation’s £210.00 controller is now supported on PS5 with the latest system software

DualSense Edge

A recent update for the PS5 system software has added support for Sony’s upcoming £210 DualSense Edge controller.

System software version 22.02-06.50.00 includes support for Sony’s ‘Pro’ controller and improves system performance.

The DualSense Edge launches on January 26th and retails at £209.99. The controller can currently be pre-ordered and will be sold via PlayStation Direct. Although it should go on general sale at the usual retailers at some point.

The DualSense Edge’s pretty hefty price tag has garnered mixed feelings from fans. A lot of PlayStation fans think the controller is just too overpriced and simply not worth the money. However, other fans are quick to point out that the DualSense Edge could potentially save hardcore gamers money in the long run.

PlayStation’s DualSense Edge is highly customisable and not only comes with back buttons but the thumbsticks can also be completely swapped out for new ones. It’s not just the actual sticks that can be swapped, the whole analogue stick assembly can be swapped out and replaced.

Anyone who has been gaming on PS5 for a while has possibly seen their DualSense succumb to stick drift. And some fans think that the Edge’s swappable sticks can be cheaper than buying a brand new DualSense every so often.

A recent report also found that the DualSense Edge has less battery life than the original DualSense.

The DualSense Edge is out on January 26th for £209.99.