New PSVR2 Ad Showcases Its Innovative Gameplay Features

Sony is starting to ramp up the PS VR2 marketing with a new ad

Sony PS VR2 headset and Sense controllers

You would be forgiven for thinking that Sony isn’t doing all that much to market and promote its latest piece of tech – the PlayStation VR2. So far, Sony’s marketing for its PS5 VR headset has pretty much consisted of PlayStation Blog posts and mentions at Sony’s CES press conference. There has been no real razmataz, no State of Play, and no big flashy live event.

And although that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon, Sony does at least seem to be ramping up the marketing of PS VR2. The company has recently released a new ad spot for PS VR2 which showcases the innovative gameplay features afforded by the new headset and the Sense controllers. Check it out below.

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Although we already knew about all these amazing, new, innovative features, such as headset feedback, eye-tracking and the Sense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, the ad at least shows that Sony is starting to push the benefits of the PS VR2.

PS VR2 launches on February 22nd, only 10 days from now. Within the PS RV2 community hype has certainly reached fever-pitched levels but Sony really does need to show us more of what is to come for PS VR2, particularly for its first-party PlayStation Studios.

Apart from The Guerrilla Games and Firespirte Studios developed Horizon Call of the Mountain, we know nothing of any future first-party PS VR2 games.

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