No Man’s Sky Origins Has Created Some Planetary Anomalies

Floating Sky Base

The No Man’s Sky Origins update, which just went live today has caused some weird things to happen to planets and bases.

I logged on to No Man’s Sky after downloading the Origins update. I spawned inside my base and proceeded to walk outside. Admiring my base building skills as I went.

As I stepped outside onto the paved patio and headed towards my ship something didn’t look quite right. Unperturbed I made the short walk to my ship’s landing pad until I almost fell about 1000 feet to the planet surface.

Floating Sky Base

No Mans Sky Origins palnet and base anomoly

It seems that my base, which took me a while to construct was no longer firmly on the ground, but was actually floating in mid-air, way above the planet’s surface.

It seems my home planet had been greatly transformed. There was even an alien building on the surface which hadn’t been there before.

Look’s like I’m not the only one with planet and base problem though.

This poor interloper has had their base teleported to the darkest depths of the planet.

Other players have also reported similar problems to myself, as well as issues with their planets changing type.

On reading through the comments on the Bug Reporting Megathread on the No Man’s Sky subreddit. It seems that many players are experiencing similar things. Planets have changed from one type to another, bases floating in the sky or buried underground as well as some other bugs.

Some of the comments mention an experimental build of the game, that’s only available on PC at the moment, which fixes some of these issues. So it looks like Hello Games might issue a patch at some point.

The No Man’s Sky Origins update is available now on PS4.