No Man’s Sky Origins Update is Out Now

New planets, new alien life and much more

No Man’s Sky update 3.0 has just dropped today on PS4. The Origins Update significantly expands the No Man’s Sky Universe and brings new planets, new lifeforms and a whole lot more to the ever-expanding universe of No Man’s Sky.

The update on PS4 comes in at just under 10.3 GB so shouldn’t take too long to download depending on your internet connection speed.

Take a look at the No Mans Sky: Origins trailer below, then we can dive into all the awesome new stuff.

The Last major update to No Man’s Sky was the Desolation update, which added procedurally generated haunted freighters and freighter customisation amongst other things.

The Origins update is by no means small and adds a hell of a lot of new things to the game. Here are some highlights.

No Mans Sky: Origins – What’s New

No Mans Sky Origins update - new planets

New Planets

With the No Mans Sky: Origins update, Solar Systems have given birth to whole new planets thus creating millions of pristine new world to explore.

Binary and Ternary Stars

Some rare star systems now have double or even triple stars in their sky, creating stunning patterns in the night sky.

User Interface

The No Man’s Sky UI has had a bit of a refresh with new colours and styles added for a fresh appearance.

More Diverse Life

No Man’s Sky Origins breathes new life into every planet int the universe. The update adds a huge new range of planetary flora and curiosities.

Origins update - new alien wildlife

New Alien Wildlife

No Man’s Sky already has a pretty diverse range of alien fauna, with planets filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures. The Origins update adds even more strange alien creatures to the party.

Photo Mode Improvements

The Origins update brings some cool new photo mode improvements, with new filters and more control over cloud positions, fog and vignettes.

No Mans Sky Origins huge buildings

Huge Buildings

The Origins update has added massive new archive buildings to planets. These massive structures have created new hubs of alien life and contain data, treasure and directions to long-forgotten ruins.


Some planets now have awesome looking active volcanoes which spew lava and billow smoke from there craters.

No Man's Sky - Robots



Some rare planets in No Man’s Sky will now have wild robots roaming the surface. Synthetic creatures which wander the terrain on metallic legs. But, are they hostile? Probably.

That’s just some of the amazing new things that have been added with the Origins update. For the full list visit the Origins update page on the No Man’s Sky website.

The Origins update is available now and should download automatically to your PS5. If it doesn’t, highlight the game in the PS4 menu, press OPTIONS and select Check for Update.

If you don’t already own No Man’s Sky you can buy the Beyond edition on Amazon for the low price of £17.90. You can also play No Man’s Sky in PlayStation VR which is really cool.