No Man’s Sky Untamed Palates Mission Guide

Always feed the animals

No Man's Sky screenshot - traveller character next to creature

If you have been playing No Man’s Sky for any length of time, you’ll probably know that the Nexus in the anomoly has weekend missions taht can net you a decent amount of Quicksilver. This weekend’s Quicksivler mission is called Untamed Palates and requires you to tame wild creatures.

This guide will explain what’s needed to complete this mission and a tip if you are struggling to find creatures to feed and tame.

Untamed Palates Mission Guide

The first couple of thigns you will need before starting the Untamed Palates Nexus mission is a Nutrient Processor and the Creature Pellets blueprints. You can get the blueprints from the Anomoly in the area where you can reasearch technology, building parts and other things.

Once you have the Nutrient Processor blueprint, you can build a portable one on a planet surface as long you have 2 x Metal Plating, 1 x Hermatic Seal and 25 x Sodium. You can also construct a Nutrient Processor on your Freighter.

Once you have the Nutrient Processor constructed and you have the blueprint for making Creature Pelelts, drop some Carbon into the Nutrient processor (don;t forget to power it with Carbon also) and it will cook up some Creature Pellets. You can now feed the Creature Pellets to animals to tame them.

When you start the Untamed Palates mission from the Nexus and leave the anomoly, you will be warped to anotehr system. Make sure you ahve the mission selected in your log (options > log) and you will see an icon hihglighting a “fauna dense planet.” Use your ships pulse drive to reach the planet, land on it then you can start searching, scanning and feeding the creatures to tame them.

No Man's Sky Untamed Palates Mission guide - offer food prompt

You just have to get close enough toa creature so that the offer food prompt appears. Hold in Square and you will feed and tame the creature.

A Tip If You Can’t Find Enough Creatures To Feed/Tame

When I did this mission just an hour or so ago, the planet that was highlighted as fauna dense was actually a bit lacking in fauna. There was plenty of water based creatures, but you can;t seem to feed those. A few of the land based craetures where also of the very fast moving type so also impossible to offer food to. There was only really one type of land creature I could feed and they wehre pretty scartce.

As you can see from the screenshot above, I had to feed 37 creatures to complete the mission, so I though it was going to take ages.

Thankfully though you don’t actually have to stick around the planet that the game tells you to go to. You can actually just travel to another planet within the system, which will hopefully have a lot more creatures walkingn around.

I took my ship to the next nearest planet and found a lovely earth-like place with lots of ground based creatrues to feed. The mission was done in no time.

No Man's Sky Untamed Palates mission feeding complete

Once you have completed the Untamed Palates mission, head back tot he anomoly and hand the mission in at the Nexus to get your 1200 Quicksilver.

As a side note, there are similar taming/feeding missions available on Space Station mission boards. So you can use this guide to complete them fast too.