Official PS5 Retail Boxes Look Rather Nice

Colourful Console Containers

Man, it’s been a hell of a night for PlayStation Fanatics around the world. We got the PS5 prices and release dates, we saw some awesome games, including the launch lineup. Now, to top it all off Sony has released official images of the PS5 retail boxes.

Each PlayStation 5 console will have its own colour of retail packaging.

PS5 Retail Boxes

The PS5 retail boxes are like a work of art and a sign of prestige. When you carry one of these beauties out of the shop, everyone will know you are a gaming connoisseur who is not afraid to splash the cash on the best next-gen console.

They retail boxes look that good that you will probably want to place it, pride-of-place in your living room. So any guests to your house can instantly see that you are a person with impeccable taste in gaming consoles.

PS5 Digital Edition Retail Box

PS5 digital edition retail packaging

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition box is definitely the better looking of the two. I much prefer the black finish to the white of the PS5 disc version box.

The packaging features a picture of the digital edition console on the front and the holy symbols of PlayStation adorn the entire front side of the box.

The black finish definitely looks a lot better in my opinion, it just shouts quality and awesomeness. But alas, I already have my heart set of the PS5 disc drive edition.

PS5 Console Retail Box

PS5 disc version retail packaging

The retail packaging for the PS5 disc drive version, although very appealing, just doesn’t look as good as the Digital Editions dark and vivid black box.

The white looks too plain and the sanctified shapes of the PlayStation brand just don’t pop as much on the white background.

Nonetheless, the disc drive edition is my PS5 console fo choice, so I’ll just need to live with a slightly less awesome looking box.

Check out some more striking photos of the PS5 packaging below.