Pang Adventures brings back some old school gaming memories

Pang Adventures brings back memories of ZX Spectrum and Amiga days.

Pang Adventures

I was browsing through the PlayStation store recently to see if there where any good games on sale and I can across Pang Adventures. Pang Adventures is a remake of the original Pang game which was released in 1989.

As soon as I saw it on the PS Store I knew I had to buy it, and the good thing is, it was only £3.99, bargain. I used to play the original Pang game constantly, first on my ZX Spectrum 128 and then on the Amiga 500 when I got one for Christmas one year, it was definatley one of my favourite games on the Spectrum and Amiga.

Pang on the Spectrum and Amiga
The original Pang on ZX Spectrum (left) and Amiga

Pang Adventures, like the original, is a two player co-op, where you have to guide to brothers around the world to save humankind from an alien invasion. The alien invasion comes in the form of bouncing balloon type things and you have to use your skills, and available weaponry to shoot the balloons and clear the level.

Pang Adventures is a really fun little game and for only £3.99 it’s an absolute bargain. The graphics are pretty good, nice and colourful and are a far cry from the monochrome graphics of the Spectrum. For only £3.99 it is definatley worth a buy.