Pavlov VR: How to Get the Chicken Extinguisher Trophy

Cluck you Chicken

Pavlov Chicken Extinguisher trophy guide - screenshot of a chicken with a crosshair

The Chicken Extinguisher trophy in Pavlov VR on PS VR2 requires you to kill 10 Chickens. But where exactly do you find Chickens in Pavlov VR? Read on and I’ll tell you.

Pavlov VR Chicken Extinguisher Trophy Guide

The Chicken Extinguisher trophy in Pavlov VR is a bronze trophy that requires you to kill 10 chickens.

But where do you find chickens to kill in Pavlov VR?

Before I we get into the guide, it should be noted that ‘Chickens’ in this case doesn’t someone who is scared, it is actual Chickens, you know, the kind that lay eggs.

The best place (and maybe the only place) to find Chickens in Pavlov is on the map Sand. Sand is a map set in a middle eastern town and it is the only map in Pavlov where I have seen Chickens.

Pavlov Chicken Extinguisher trophy screenshot

You can play on the Sand map by selecting an online game/lobby that is taking place on the map or by playing an offline game mode and selecting the Sand map.

The Chickens can be found in various spots on the map but seem to be mostly on the streets that are on the outskirts of the map.

There do not seem to be 10 Chickens on the map at one time, so you will probably need to replay the map to be able to kill a total of 10 Chickens.

The chickens can be killed with any weapon available in the game.

And that is how you get the Chicken Extinguisher trophy in Pavlov VR on PS VR2.