Photo Mode Friday No. 10 – Gotham Knights

A great game with a great photo mode

Gotham Knights is a surprisingly great game with a surprisingly advanced photo mode. The game didn’t review amazingly at launch but I picked it up well after it was released for about £20 on Amazon and I think it is a pretty great game.

The photo mode surprised me the most however, it was much more advanced and had many more options than I was expecting.

I would compare Gotham Knight’s photo mode to that of Spider-Man Miles Morales and The Last of Us Part 1. Gotham Knights photo mode features lots of different settings for things like aperture so you can set focal distance and amount for those cool blurred background shots. There are also options similar to those found in Horizon Forbidden West where you can change the character’s facial expression and body pose.

There are even some nice lighting options where you can shine a spotlight on your character to, well bring them into the spotlight in dark scenes.

Overall Gotham Knights’ photo mode was very impressive.

I have only been playing as Batgirl through the main campaign so pretty much all the screenshots feature here. But I might take some more using other characters since I am on trophy cleanup.

Gotham Knights Photo Mode Screenshots on PS5