Photo Mode Friday No. 8 – The Callisto Protocol on PS5

An atmospheric game with great graphics and some fantastic virtual photography opportunities

The Callisto Protocol screenshot

The Callisto Protocol by Striking Distance Studios turned out to be a pretty enjoyable game, for me anyway. It launched on PS5 on December 2nd and while many critics spoke negatively about it, I found it to be a fairly solid horror game.

Like a lot of modern games, The Callisto Protocol has a photo mode, albeit a fairly simple one. Nothing as fancy as Spider-Man Miles Morales or Ghost of Tsushima here. Nonetheless, The Callisto Protocol’s photo mode does provide a good array of options for creating some nice virtual photography. There’s the usual range of options and settings you would expect from a photo mode; things like hide player, aspect ratio, lens sizes for setting the focal length and depth of field settings are all present under the camera controls.

There is also lighting options for changing the exposure, contrast and colour overlay. There are also some pre-set filters you can apply to scenes as well. And there is also frame options you can add to scenes before taking the screenshot.

Graphically, The Callisto Protocol is very impressive on PS5. Character faces for example have a lot of detail. Like in the screenshot below, you can see the beads of sweat running down Jacob’s face.

The Callisto Protocol screenshot shows face details

As well as being a pretty good game, The Callisto Protocol also offers plenty of options and enough atmosphere to create some stunning virtual photography. The game is more gory than scary I would say and you can snap some shockingly gory screenshots.

The Callisto Protocol Photo Mode Screenshots on PS5