Pictures of the PlayStation VR2 Instruction Manual Have Leaked

Health & Safety info, usage instruction and weights shown in PS VR2 manual

photo of the PS VR2 instruction manual

Perhaps not the most exciting thing that could be leaked about PS VR2 ahead of its early 2023 launch. But nonetheless, leaked pictures of the VR headsets instruction manual do provide some interesting information about Sony’s upcoming PS5 VR offering.

The pictures of the PlayStation VR2 instruction manual were leaked by a Twitter user named Supahsand. Who, if I were to guess, works at some kind of printing company contracted by Sony/SIE.

Supahsand’s first post showed pictures of what could be the front pages of the instruction manual in both English and French (I think) languages.

Supahsand then followed up this post by posting a couple of pictures from the instruction manual that show specification information.

The manual contains the usual information you would expect in an instruction manual for an electronic device. Health & Safety information, usage information, troubleshooting, etc.

PS VR2 Is Very East to Connect

The instruction manual shows how simple it is to connect the PS VR2 to the PS5.

Photo of PS VR2 instruction manuals howing how to connect the OPS VR2 to the PS5 console

All you have to do is simply connect the PS VR2 headset to the PS5’s USB Type C port on the front of the console. This is probably one of the best features of the PS VR2 and is a far cry from the spaghetti junction of wires that the PS VR has.

The PS VR2 and Sense Controller Ain’t Heavy

The instruction manual photos also show the specification of the PS VR2 headset and Sense controllers.

Photo of the PSVR2 instruction manual showing specification information for the VR headset and Sense controllers

It looks like both the PS VR2 headset and the Sense controllers will be pretty light. With the headset weighing 560 grams and the Sense controllers weighing 168 grams (this could be per controller.)

The inclusion of the Sense controller information in the instruction manual also confirms that the headset will indeed come with the controllers, so no need to buy them separately.

PlayStation VR2 is expected to launch in early 2023 although Sony has not revealed the price or exact release date yet. PS VR2 already has an amazing line-up of games announced and you can check out all the confirmed games here.

Source: Twitter & Twitter