Pinball Heroes Review – Flippin’ Good Fun

Classic PSP game returns to bring pinball fun to PS5 and PS4

Pinball Heroes screenshot Uncharted Drake's Fortune table

Originally released on PlayStation Portable in 2009 Pinball Heroes has made its way onto the PlayStation Plus Premium Classics Catalogue. The game’s rebirth on PS Plus sees some new features added including rewind, quick save, up-rendering and custom video filters.

Pinball Heroes Review

Fancy new features aside, Pinball Heroes is incredibly fun to play and is pretty addictive as you try to beat the high scores for each table.

There are eight tables all based on Classic PlayStation games like Uncharted Drake’s Fortune, Motorstorm, Wipeout HD and Modnation Racers to name a few.

The tables for the most part are very fun to play with the exception of maybe just one or two which seem to be fairly poorly designed. With these tables, it is a bit more difficult to get high scores and more easy to lose your ball.

However, with the rewind feature that is built into most of the Classic Catalogue games, you can cheat a little and rewind the gameplay. Meaning you can pretty much play without ever losing a ball.

Pinball Heroes screenshot

The Uncharted table was probably my favourite, simply because it plays the uncharted theme tune and some other music and sounds from the game. But pretty much all of the tables were pretty great.

You can play the tables in full-screen mode or you can press square to zoom the whole table out. This makes it a little more easy to see what is going on. But for me, I found it harder to keep track of the ball, mostly because I’m as blind as a bat.

Pinball Heroes also has a pretty easy Platinum trophy which just requires you to play the tables, beat high scores (which is easy with the rewind function) and do a few other things.

If you’re looking to capture some great memories of Sony’s PSP then you can’t go wrong with Pinball Heroes on PS Plus for PS5 and PS4.

Pinball Heroes - The PSF Verdict


Pinball Heroes is an incredibly fun pinball game with some great tables to play on. If you're looking to capture some great memories of Sony's PSP then you can't go wrong with Pinball Heroes on PS Plus for PS5 and PS4.