PlayStation 5 Event Confirmed for June 4th

To watch the future of gaming

PS5 dark DualSense

Sony has just updated the official PS5 page on and has invited everyone to watch the future of gaming.  The PS5 web site has been updated with a flashy video background of a black looking DualSense controller.

The video background has a text overlay which reads: “Join us June 4th at 09.00 PM (BST), to watch the future of gaming.”

PS4 event June 4 future of gaming

It would appear that the recent rumours and speculation of an early June reveal event where accurate.

Earlier today some eagle-eyed PlayStation fans noticed that the PlayStation Blogs for Europe and the US had me merged into one. The led to speculation that Sony was gearing up to reveal the PS5 or announce a reveal event.

Now we know the answer. On June 4th we get to watch “The Future Of Gaming”.

It is interesting to note that the DualSense controller shown in the announcement video background, does look like it is black. It could just be the lighting possibly but could mean that there will be an all-black DualSense.

What will Sony show us at the June 4th PlayStation 5 Event?

Sony will show us the future of gaming. This kind of implies that they will show the console design. According to a popular games journalist, PS5 consoles are starting mass production. So it would make sense for Sony to show off the console at the event. To stay ahead of any potential leaks.

Update to the above paragraph: An article just posted on the PlayStation Blog states that only games will be shown. “we will soon give you a first look at the games you’ll be playing after PlayStation 5 launches this holiday.” It appears that the actual console itself won’t be shown at the June 4th event. However, the article does say that after next week’s event, they (Sony) will still have much to share.

On the game front, there will most likely be gameplay from already confirmed third-party titles. Games like Godfall, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Outriders will probably be shown running on the PS5 hardware.

There will probably be a few other third-party games shown as well.

Fans are speculating that a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel will be shown at the event. I really hope this is the case, even it is just a short teaser.

No doubt Sony has also got a couple of awesome first-party games up their sleeve. My guess is that there will be a couple of first-party titles that will be launching alongside the PS5. Maybe a new Ratchet and Clank game. Sony might also show us the new Bluepoint games remake. Which, according to rumours, will be a remake of Demon Souls.

Whatever Sony show at the June 4th PlayStation 5 event is sure to be mind-blowing.

It won’t be long now until we get to watch the future of gaming.