PlayStation Apologises for PS5 Pre-Order Fiasco, More PS5’s On The Way

More PS5’s will be available for pre-order over the next few days

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PlayStation has Tweeted an apology over the whole PS5 pre-orders fiasco, which saw retailers inundated with pre-orders and many fans not being able to secure a pre-order at all.

The company admits that PS5 pre-orders “could have gone a lot smoother” but says that they will make more PS5’s available for pre-order “over the next few days.”

The PS5 manufacturer also says that “more PS5’s will be available through the end of the year.”

PS5 pre-orders fiasco disappoints fans

PS5 pre-orders fiasco disappoints fans

Many fans were left severely disappointed when they were unable to secure a PS5 pre-order. Pre-orders opened up only a short time after the PlayStation 5 Showcase Livestream on Wednesday, even though Sony said that they would give us some notice before pre-orders went live.

There have been many stories of retailers sites crashing, pre-orders being cancelled and extremely long online queues just for the slim chance of securing a PS5 pre-order.

Here in the UK, retailer Argos has been having issues with PS5 pre-orders. My brother thought he had secured one from them, they even took the money out of his bank account. But, they never sent a confirmation email and the money was returned to his account.

Other retailers including John Lewis and Very have been cancelling PS5 pre-orders. Presumably, because they realised they would not have the stock to meet the number of pre-orders that were made.

Amazon has also been sending out emails to some customers, alerting them that they may not receive their PS5 console pre-order on launch day.

The Tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter account says that retailers will share more details. So, if you haven’t managed to secure your PS5 pre-order yet, make sure you have alerts set up with your retailers of choice.

The PlayStation 5 is due to launch on November 12th in the US and on November 19th  in the UK and Europe.