PlayStation Classic Syphon Filter Will Have Trophies When It Lands On The New PlayStation Plus

I believe that otehr PlayStation classics on PS Plus will also have trophies

Syphon Filter star screen with PlayStation trophy icons

PlayStation has recently listed some of the games that will be available on the all-new PlayStation Plus service when it launches in June. The lengthy list also includes classic original PlayStation games that will be available for subscribers to the Premium tier.

Syphon Filter is one of the PS1 games and its original developer Bend Studio (called Eidetic back then) has revealed that the game will have trophies.

Bend Studio did not mention how many trophies Syphon FIlter will have, or whether it will have a coveted Platinum trophy.

Will Other PlayStation Classics on PlayStation Plus Have trophies?

You are probably wondering if other PlayStation Classic games on the new PlayStation Plus will have trophies. The short answer is, I’m not sure but I suspect that they will. For a couple of reasons.

PlayStation Trophy icons

The new PlayStation Plus is essentially PlayStation Now amalgamated into the original PS Plus service. All games on PlayStation Now had trophies, even the PlayStation 2 games. For example, I played Red Faction on PS Now for a bit and earned eight trophies. If I remember right, one of the selling points of PlayStation Now was that the games all had trophies. So it is likely that the classic games on the all-new PlayStation Plus will follow suit.

Sony’s Trophy Patent

The second reason why I think PlayStation Classics will have trophies is because of this patent. The patent is called ‘Method and Apparatus for awarding Trophies.’ It is essentially a way of awarding trophies in games via emulation. When the patent was first uncovered, fans thought that Sony was going to bring PS1, PS2 and PS3 backwards compatibility to PS5.

But I believe that this patent is potentially for the new PlayStation Plus service. As it is basically a method for adding trophies to previously released and sold games, without having to modify the original game.

This disclosure relates generally to a system and method of awarding trophies in previously released or sold video games, without modifying the original game. More specifically, the present invention relates to defining, detecting and awarding a set of trophies for the players of the previously released games.

So for these two reasons I do think that classic PS1 and PS2 games on the new PlayStation Plus will have trophies. It will also be a good selling point too. Playing the classic games will be great but being able to earn trophies for them will definitely make the extra £50 for PlayStation Plus Premium more worthwhile.