PlayStation Could Be Testing a New PSVR2 Racing Game at Their London HQ

Testing will take place in the same postcode as PlayStation’s UK Head Quarters

GT Sport screenshot

PlayStation could be testing an un-released PS VR2 racing game at their head Quarters in London an advertisement on a research firm’s website suggests. The advertisement posted on, and spotted by Reddit user u/SattvaMicione and posted on r/PSVR is asking for gamers to test out a yet-to-be-released VR racing game.

Screenshot from asking for gamers to test a VR racing game in London

The recruitment ad states that it is looking for gamers to test the VR racing game for its client. The advertisement states that the test session will take place in Central London at an address in the W1F postcode area.

Interestingly, PlayStation’s (Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe) Head Quarters are based in this area. PlayStation’s UK HQ is located at 10 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7LP.

Although the ad doesn’t mention the name of the client, a look on google maps for that postcode area doesn’t seem o reveal any other known game companies in that vicinity. So there is a strong possibility that the test is indeed taking place at PlayStation London HQ. And as PlayStation is to launch PS VR2 early next year, it would make sense for this to be a PS VR2 racing game.

But what VR racing game could PlayStation be testing? if they re indeed testing one. Some fans replying to the original Reddit thread seem to think that it could be Gran Turismo 7. The previous Gran Turismo game, GT Sport, had PS VR support. So it’s a possibility PlayStation would add PS VR2 support to the latest game in the franchise.

PlayStation is yet to announce the price or exact release date for PlayStation VR2. But there are already over 40 games confirmed to be coming to the next-gen VR headset. Likely launch titles will include Horizon Call of the Mountain, Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 and Firewall Ultra.

If you get the chance to test the VR racing game out in London, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what it was. Assuming you’re not under an NDA of course.

Source: via Reddit