PlayStation Direct to Launch In The UK & Europe

You’ll be able to order a PS5 direct from PlayStation in the UK & Europe soon

If you have been following the PS5 subreddit or the various PS5 Twitter stock alert accounts since PS5 pre-order went live last year, you may have heard American PlayStation fans mention PlayStation Direct.

PlayStation Direct is Sony’s online store where it sells PS5 consoles, accessories and games direct to consumers. This direct distribution channel was launched in late 2019 and is currently only available to US customers.

However, in a recent presentation for Sony Groups 2021 Investor Relations day, Sony Interactive Entertainment(SIE) CEO Jim Ryan announced plans to bring PlayStation Direct to the UK and Europe.

PlayStation Direct wll be launching in the UK and Europe
You’ll soon be able to buy the PS5 and accessories direct from PlayStation in the UK and Europe

we see a strategic opportunity in growing our direct distribution channel for physical products, PlayStation direct.



PlayStation Direct is coming to UK and Europe

PlayStation Direct in the UK & Europe will mean further growth

PlayStation Direct has shown exponential growth since it started operating in 2019, mostly thanks to the launch of the PS5. Jim Ryan expects the growth of PlayStation Direct to reach 300% in 2021.

During the presentation, Ryan said: “Playstation direct has achieved significant revenue in the US market within little more than a year of starting operations. We’ve planned for 300% further growth in this fiscal year helped by our upcoming launch in Europe.”

In Jim Ryan’s presentation, there’s no mention of exactly when PlayStation Direct will be available in the UK & Europe. An article on VGC dated from December last year says that there was a job advertised for a director of the PlayStation Direct business in Europe. The job posting is now gone so it seems that the position has been filled.

So it might not be too long before we can buy PS5’s, accessories and games direct from PlayStation themselves.

When PlayStation Direct does launch in this continent, it will be available in the UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg.