PlayStation Employees Are Getting an Awesome DualSense as a Gift

I want one

PlayStation employees DualSense controller

Working for a company like Sony Interactive Entertainment must have its perks. Great wages, benefits and awesome gifts for their employees. Some PlayStation employees on Twitter are sharing the most recent gift from the PlayStation brand holder, an awesome-looking DualSense controller.

PlayStation is giving these cool-looking DualSense’s to employees as a holiday gift to celebrate a fantastic 2022 according to one tweet. It’s great to know that all the money we PlayStation fans spend on games, accessories and consoles isn’t going to waste. God forbid it gets invested in making great games.

But seriously though, congratulations to all the PlayStation employees who work tirelessly to bring us the entertainment that we enjoy day in and day out.

The DualSense PlayStation employees are getting does look pretty amazing. It has little coloured PlayStation symbols on the front and a “Play Has No Limits” slogan and the year “2022” on the back. I hope Sony makes this controller available for sale at some point. I definitely want one now.