PlayStation Europe Tease Something New

What could this mysterious something new be?

PlayStation Europe tease something new

A tweet posted today by @PlayStationEU is teasing something new, what this something new is though remains a mystery. Heres the tweet from PlayStationEU;

Some people who have replied to the tweet have some interesting ideas on what this ‘something new’ could be. Some people think it may be a new PS Vita or a PS Vita Pro or even a PS4 Portable, some think it could be a PS4 Turbo.

My guess, judging by the shape and size of the thing underneath the cover is that it could be a new Sony TV with a built-in PS4, although that is probably unlikely. It could also be a PS4 or PS4 pro with a new colour perhaps.

I have no idea when this something new will be unveiled but I will am now excited to see what it is.