PlayStation Plus Games for September 2017 Announced

Another pretty good PS Plus game lineup for September.

Free PS Plus games for September 2017

The Free PlayStation Plus games are definitely getting better in my opinion, well they should seeing as Sony has bumped up the PS Plus price by a tenner.

September’s line up is pretty decent and has five games for the PS4.

First up is inFamous: Second Son and action adventure game in which you play as a Superhuman with Superhuman powers. I have never played this before although I did play inFamous: First Light when that was free on PS Plus so I will probably take a look at this as well.

inFamous: Second Son scores a very nice metascore of 80 on Metacritic and a user score of 8.1

Next up is Child of Light, an artsy 2D, side-scrolling RPG. I don’t think I will be desperate to play this game, it has turned base combat which I have never been too keen on although it is supposed to have pretty good platforming and puzzle elements.

Child of Light scores a very respectable 82 on Metacritic with a user score of 8.0. It doesn’t seem like my type of game but because it has good platforming and puzzle elements I will probably add this to my library and try it out at a later date.

Also in September’s PS Plus lineup is RIGS: Mechanised Combat League. This requires PS VR though and as I don;t have PS VR I don’t think I’ll be bothering with this one.

There is also We Are Doomed which is a twin stick shooter where you shoot at polygon baddies or something, probably will give this a miss and lastly there is Hatoful Boyfriend, I have no clue what this is about but going by the description on the PS Store I think you might play as a pigeon trying to find love? Any time I have seen this game listed somewhere I always thought it was a typo that no one had noticed and the game title was supposed to be Hateful Boyfriend. I think I will give this one a miss also.

September free PS Plus games will be available on the PlayStation Store from the 5th of September.