PlayStation Stars Has Launched In Asia, Here’s What It Looks Like

Let’s see what PklayStation Stars looks like ahead of its UK and European launch.

PlayStation Stars

PlayStation’s new Loyalty Program PlayStation Stars has launched in Asia. I joined using an Asian PSN account to get an early look at what it looks like on the PS App ahead of its European launch in October.

Joining PlayStation Stars is pretty easy, once I logged into my Asian account on I was able to join in a few seconds. There are a number of privacy options you can choose from also, like who can view your PlayStation Stars level and display case for your collectables.

There is one strange thing with joining though. Your account can be randomly selected to be put on a waitlist. This can be seen in the PlayStation Stars FAQs.

PlayStaton Stars FAQ waitlist

PlayStation Stars on the PS App

You will need the PlayStation App to take full advantage of PlayStation Stars. On the app, you can see your points, and collectables – including your display case, campaigns and other information.

There are two types of rewards you can earn with PlayStation Stars, Points and digital collectables.

You can access PlayStation Stars by clicking the little icon next to your name on the PlayStation app. On the main PlayStation Stars screen, you can view campaigns, rewards and collectables.


Let’s take a look at the PlayStation Stars campaigns that were available in Asia. It should be noted that I have a Malaysian PSN account so I don’t know if the campaigns will differ per country. There are also custom campaigns based on the games that you play regularly. I have only ever played Astro’s Playroom on this account just to unlock a trophy.

The campaigns I had available were but a game from a selection of games from the PS Store. And a campaign called The World Warrior’s Challenge where I had to play either Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11 or Tekken 7.

PlayStation Stars - The World Warrior's Challenge campaign

I don’t own any of these games though but I could simply have this challenge because I haven’t played many games on this account.

For the buy-a-game campaign, there were a few games available to pick from and it appeared that each game you buy will earn you 50 points.

ps stars - playstations tore picks campaign

If you take a look at the PlayStation Store wallet credit rewards below it would you would have to buy 10 games just to get 20 Malaysian Ringetts worth of credit, which is only £3.86.


The rewards screen is where you can redeem rewards in exchange for the points you have earned. I had two digital collectables I could redeem (well I could if I had the points), a few full games from the PlayStation Store and two PS Store wallet credit amounts.

For 500 points I could redeem 20.00 RM (Malaysian RIngett) worth of store credit, this £3.86 in British money. And for 2,250 points I could redeem 90.00 RM, which is £17.36. When exchanged into Pounds or indeed euros or Dollars it does seem that earning points can net you some decent wallet credit. However, when PlayStation Stars launches in the US and Europe we may or may not see the same type of value because of exchange rates.


The collectables screen is where it looks like you can see what collectables you have earned. You can also view the collectable and add it to your display case.

It looks like everyone will get the Star Gazer Telescope collectable just for simply joining PlayStation Stars. here’s what it looks like:

Star Gazer Telescope Collectible
Star Gazer Telescope Collectible

From this screen, you can view your collectables and then add them to your display case. There are currently three different ‘scenes’ you can choose from for your display case.

playstation stars display case scenes
Display Case scenes

Sony will no doubt release more Display Case scenes down the line or include them as rewards.

PlayStation Stars UK, Europe and USA Launch

That is pretty much all I can show from PlayStation Star’s Asia launch. If you are wondering when the loyalty program will launch in your region PlayStation has announced the following dates for the US, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

  • North and South America launch, 5th October
  • UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, 13th October.

As usual, we Brits and Europeans are last to the party.