PlayStation Detail Trophy Levelling Changes

Trophy Transformation

New PlayStation Trophies changes detailed

PlayStation has detailed some changes coming to the PS4 and PS5 Trophy levelling system. These changes and enhancements include new Trophy levels, new Trophy level calculation structure and new Trophy level icons.

These changes will be rolled out later tonight on the system side, so you shouldn’t have to download any system update to see them. The PlayStation Trophy changes will take place tonight for US players and tomorrow for UK and European players.

New PlayStation Trophy Levels

New PlayStation Trophy Changes

The first major change to PlayStation Trophies is the levelling system. PlayStation is increasing the level range from 1 – 100 to 1 – 999. Previously, if you hit Trophy level 100 you could not progress any further. Only sites like PSN Profiles tracked and displayed levels past 100.

With this increase in level range, you should see your current level increase quite a bit. The blog post gives an example of someone at level 12 will have their level increased to the low 200’s after the change is implemented.

I’m currently at Trophy level 23, so I might see my level increase to the low 400’s possibly. The blog post explains that the exact level will be determined by the number and grades of the trophies you have currently earned.

There will also be a new Trophy calculation structure implemented that will be more optimised and rewarding. You will progress throw the lower levels quicker and levels will increase more consistently.

The new PlayStation Trophy changes will also make Platinum trophies much more valuable. Platinums will count more towards your level progression, meaning that it’s time to stock up on some easy Platinum trophies like My Name Is Mayo.

New Trophy Level Icons for PS5

Finally, there will be some fancy new Trophy level icons for PS5 and the PlayStation App.

PlayStation Trophy level star icon

Gone is the single gold star icon seen above, now there will be some nice new bronze, silver, gold and platinum icons depending on what Trophy level you are. The new icons can be seen in the image further up the page.

  • Bronze icon – Trophy levels 1 – 299
  • Silver icon – Trophy levels 300 – 599
  • Gold icon – Trophy levels 600 – 998
  • Platinum icon – Trophy level 999

The blog post clarifies that trophies you’ve earned on previous PlayStation systems will carry over with you to your new PS5.

The new Trophy changes will be implemented on the system side later tonight so you should see the changes later on or tomorrow if you’re in the UK/Europe.

I’m not sure how these changes will affect sites like PSN Profiles and PlayStation Trophies who pull the user data and trophy info from the API. As longs as PlayStation updates the API at the same time they should be fine.