PlayStation VP Says We’ll Be Seeing PS5 Special Editions, PS5 UI is Whole New Visual Language

We’ll see the PS5 User Interface soon, says PlayStation VP

PlayStation VP says there will be PS5 special edition, PS5 UI is whole new visual language

PlayStation’s Vice President of UX (User Experience) Matt McLaurin has taken to LinkedIn to answer some fan questions about the design of the PS5. During his comments, Matt also talks briefly about the PlayStation 5’s user interface and mentions that it is a “complete rearchitecting of the user interface” over the PS4 UI.

The PS5 console design was revealed 3 days ago at Sony’s PS5 Future of Gaming event. The design took many by surprise, with its two-toned black and white finish, sleek curves and the subtle V shape incorporated into the look. Although there has been mixed reactions about the design of the PS5, the general consensus seems to be that the design is pretty awesome looking.

Even though PlayStation fans think that the PS5 design is pretty striking and will look good in their living room. This hasn’t stopped fans from hoping for some different colour schemes or snazzy looking PS5 special editions. Some have even taken to mocking up their own awesome PS5 special edition design.

ps5 classic edition
PS5 Classic Editiion. Image Credit: u/rekrap13

Reddit user u/rekrap13has mocked up this PlayStation 5 Classic Edition. Which I think looks very smart with the classic grey PlayStation finish. (source)

PS5 PS2 25th anniversary edition
PS5 PS2 25th-anniversary edition. Image Credit: u/FriggenNugget

Another Reddit user, u/FriggenNugget, has mocked up this absolutely gorgeous looking all-black PS5 in a PlayStation 2 style. This design is my favourite and it looks totally stunning.  FriggenNugget hopes to see this special edition in 2025 to mark 25 years since the PS2 launch. It looks that good that I hope we see it a lot sooner. (source)

PS5 will have special editions

For those of you who would be looking to invest in a lovely PS5 special edition, there’s good news. A LinkedIn user asked PlayStation’s VP of UX Matt McLaurin if we could look forward to a matt black finish. Matt replied, “You will definitely be seeing special editions.”

Matt went on to explain that the PS5 is customisable in ways that previous generations of consoles weren’t.

Matt McLaurin PlayStation VP of UX

The PlayStation VP for UX explains in a reply to another question that while the two-toned black and white design is the flagship/reference design, “you can count on even more beautiful (and hopefully radical) special editions.”

Matt continues in another comment that “Customization with special editions will be beyond anything seen before.”

The more I look at the PS5 the more I am wondering if the white parts at the sides might be interchangeable, or even if one side might be interchangeable. Even if the PS5 is not customisable in this way, at least it is good news that we will be seeing some amazing looking PS5 special editions at some point.

PS5 UI is a “Whole new visual language”

Matt McLaurin also comments on the PS5’s User Interface design and states that the PS5 UI is “a whole new visual language and a complete rearchitecting of the user interface.

Matt McLaurin PlayStation UX VP on user itnerface

We got a brief glimpse of the PlayStation 5 User Interface during the PS5 event when the stream showed what appeared to be the PS5 startup.

PS5 UI startup

Whatever the PlayStation 5 UI might look like, it is sure to be pretty impressive. No doubt a lot of money and research went into getting the PS5’s UI just right. According to Mr Mclaurin, we will be seeing more on the PS5 UI soon and that more reveals are on the way.

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