PlayStation VR2 Will Be Available From UK Retail Stores From May 12th

Coming to a store near you soon

PS VR2 headset and sense controllers

PlayStation VR2 originally launched on February 22nd but it was only available to buy through PlayStation Direct. Now almost three months after its release, PS VR2 will finally be available to buy in UK retail stores.

Currently, ShopTo and GAME have landing pages set up for PS VR2 with a release date of May 12th.

Other major UK retailers such as Amazon and Curry’s will presumably also be stocking PS VR2.

There’s no pricing information available yet for PS VR2 when it’s sold through retailers. So it is not known if the price will be the same as the PlayStation Direct price or if the price might be a bit lower.

The base PS VR2 bundle price is currently £530.00 and the Call of the Mountain bundle is £570.00.

Trying to gauge PS VR2 sales since its launch has proven to be quite difficult, as Sony hasn’t released any official figures yet. But some have suggested that PlayStation VR2 has sold between 270 and 300 thousand within its first month of release. While some people would paint this as being pretty poor, an article by PushSquare reports that these figures might actually be pretty good.

PS VR2 will also be in stock at retailers around the world. A recent Tweet by PlayStation’s main Twitter account which covers North America has also said that it will be available from local retailers soon.

If you have been holding off on getting PS VR2 until it hits retail stores then you won’t have long to wait. And if you are considering jumping into PS VR2 then you might want to check out my review.

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