PlayStation Website Publishes A – Z List of Gaming Terms

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PlayStation logo with gaming terms and words

If you are new to gaming, you’ve probably heard some words or acronyms being used that you don’t know the meaning of. Maybe you’ve heard them being used in a multiplayer game or on Social Media. Even if you have been gaming for years, there are probably some gaming-related terms that you’ve never heard of. Because let’s face it the gaming landscape is ever-evolving and new words and slang terms are being invented all the time.

I’ve been gaming for a long time and I can honestly say there are some terms on PlayStation’s list that I have never heard of.

So, if you are unsure what “Tanking” means. Or if you are clueless as to what “Cheesing” or “Camping” refers to then fear not. As PlayStation has published a handy A – Z list of popular gaming terms and acronyms.

So no longer will you be left puzzled when a teammate in an online game says to you “hey dude, come and Rez me.”

So head over to the official PlayStation website’s ultimate list of gaming terms page and familiarise yourself with the jargon. You’ll be speaking like a true gamer in no time.