PlayStaton Studios Currently Has 25 PS5 Games In Developement

Over half of these are brand-new IPs

25 first-party games in developement for PS5

In an interview with Wired, Herman Hulst, head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, has said that Sony’s first-party studios have 25 games in development. With over half of these being brand-new IPs.

According to Hulst the variety in these in-development games is incredible and they come from a wide range of different regions (of the world) where Sony has studios.

There’s an incredible amount of variety originating from different regions

Hulst also says that some of the games are big, some are small and that they cover a range of different gaming genres.

We already know that Horizon Forbidden West is in development and is planned to launch this year. Guerillas upcoming sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is also talked about in the Wired article.

Santa Monica Studios is also working on the next game in the God of War series. Which may or may not be called God of War: Ragnarok. The new God of War game was revealed some months ago and was apparently planned to also release this year. However, it may be pushed to 2022.

With 25 first-party exclusive games in development, the future is looking bright for PlayStation 5. And with half of those games being new IPs it will be exciting to see what the talented PlayStation Studios developers do with the PS5.

We’ve already had one new IP this year with Returnal which has seen critical and fan acclaim. Although I personally find it a bit too difficult.

As the title of the Wired article suggests, it seems that the PS5 will indeed be a revolution in gaming.

For the full interview head over to the article on Wired.