Polyarc Shares More Details on Moss: Book II For PlayStation VR

Polyarc shares more tasty details on thier upcoming PlayStation VR sequal

Polyarc shares more details about Moss: Book II

The first Moss game was an absolute delight. I downloaded and played it on a whim after it was given away for free with PlayStation Plus monthly games. I was blown away by the design, the art, the environments, the story. And, of course, the lovable little mouse Quill.

In fact, I loved Moss so much that I even played through the game twice to get the platinum. The entire game was just a delight to play with some fabulous mechanics and an amazing sense of scale. That is why I am very excited for Polyarcs sequel to Moss, Moss: Book II.

The developer recently took to the PlayStation Blog to share some more details with fans.

Moss: Book II Detailed

The sense of scale and the detail in the various rooms and environments in Moss were incredible. In Moss: Book II, the sense of scale will again be present and will have much larger rooms to explore. Not only will the rooms be bigger, which will remind us of Quill’s true size but this allows developers Polyarc to create expansive, multi-dimensional puzzles and platforming challenges.

To navigate the larger than life rooms, Polyarc has implemented “seamless camera cuts using familiar transition fades with no load time.” This will help players reach new vantage points within the room, inspected previously unnoticed details, discover secrets, and solve puzzles without worrying about jarring motion or discomfort.

Another new thing with Moss: Book II is that all the rooms will be connected. This improves spatial understanding of the world and allows the developers to inject tension with surprise scenarios when revisiting a previously visited area. In short, this will make the game much more re-explorable.

Moss: Book II certainly sounds like it will be much more immersive than the first. The first game was simply incredible and it will be interesting to see how Polyarc improve on such an impressive first outing.

You can read more details about Moss: Book II over on the PlayStation Blog.