PS Plus Games for February 2018 are Rime and Knack

More great free games coming our way in February

Free PS Plus games for February 2018 are Rime and Knack

Sony has recently revealed what free games we’ll be getting with PS Plus in February. The line up looks pretty good with two solid games available for download for zero pounds, which is pretty nice.

Let’s take a wee look at what’s on offer for PS Plus subscribers in February.


Rime PS4

At first glance Rime looked like one of those artsy games that I generally tend to pass over. But on further inspection it looks llike a rather  cool platform-puzzle-adventure type game.

You play as a boy who must use his wits and skills to escape from a mysterious and strange island. From the trailers I’ve seen the graphics look pretty good and by all accounts the story is great.

Rime has a metascore of 80 on metacritic and a user score of 7.6 so it must be a pretty good game. I think I’ll definitely be giving this one a try.


Knack PS4

Knack was a PS4 launch game, I never played this before so I’ll probably download it and give it a try. It didn’t get very favourable reviews when it released but it looks like it might be fun to play for a while and kind of looks like it will be similar to Jak & Daxter or Ratchet & Clank.

In Knack you control a robot called Knack who was created to get rid of some pesky goblins who have taken over the land.

Knack has a fairly low metascore of 54 but if it’s fun to play, at least for a while then it’s worth the download. It is free after all.

February’s PS Plus games should be available to download from February 6th.