PS VR2 Exclusive Horizon Call of the Mountain Gets First Gameplay Trailer

This game looks amazing

Horizon Call of the mountain state of play screesnhot with logo

Ever since its reveal in January Horizon Call of the Mountain has been a pretty anticipated PS VR2 title. A Virtual Reality game that will immerse you deep into the world of Horizon. What more could you ask for? Since its initial reveal, I, and many others have wondered what the gameplay could be like. Bow we don’t need to wait any longer, as gameplay from Horizon Call of the Mountain was revealed at last night’s State of Play. And it looks incredible.

Horizon Call of the Mountain Gameplay Trailer

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Ryas is the new protagonist

Horizon Call of the Mountain is a PS VR2 exclusive and is being developed by the talented folks at Guerrilla Games and Firesprite. In the game players will see through the eyes of a brand new character, Ryas – a shadow Carja warrior. Ryas hope to redeem himself by investigating a new threat to the Sundom.

Turns out Ryas is a bit of a dab hand at climbing, bow and arrow shooting and general survival. All vital skills for surviving out in the wilds. The new gameplay trailer shows some of this climbing in action and man does it look fantastic. A good bit of combat is also shown in the trailer with Ryas taking on machines with his bow.

Although you play as Ryas in Call of the Mountain, it was previously revealed that you will meet Aloy at some point in your journey. Other familiar faces from the Horizon games will also make an appearance.

The trailer also appears to show that Horizon Call of the Mountain might be b pretty big in scale and scope. There were definitely a couple of different biomes shown. It is not known exactly how big the world of Cal of the Mountain will be. It could be like a cut-down open-world or self-contained level. Either way it looks like it will be a killer app for the PS VR2.

You can read more about Horizon Call of the Mountain over on the PlayStation Blog.

There was no mention of when Horizon Call of the Mountain or indeed PS VR2 might release.