PS VR2 Has Been Reviewed Really Well Ahead of Its February 22nd Launch

PS VR2 is looking great with no negative reviews

PSVR2 headset and sense controllers

A lot of lucky reviewers got their hands on the cutting-edge tech of PlayStation VR2 early. The reviews are in and everybody seems pretty much very impressed with Sony’s latest VR headset.

While most reviewers do mention the PS VR2’s hefty price tag, a lot of them agree that the price is more than worth it. Unlike the original PlayStation VR, the PS VR2 is not seen as an entry-level VR headset. Many of the reviewers are putting PS VR2 in the same category as far more pricey PC VR headsets, headsets that can cost £1000 or more.

Some reviewers are praising the PS VR2’s tech, like foveated rendering, eye tracking and headset haptics as being even something these pricier headsets don’t even do. Some reviewers have also pointed out the clarity and detail that the PS VR2’s OLED screens provide. With one reviewer stating that it is better than his $1300 headset.

Currently, on Metacritic, the PlayStation VR 2 has no negative reviews. It has 13 extremely positive reviews, 25 positive reviews and only 4 mixed reviews.

Although it can be difficult to tell exactly how good something is based on a handful of reviews, the real test will be when the PSVR2 launches on February 22nd and PlayStation fans get to try out the headset for themselves.

If after launch day the overall consensus is a positive one then Sony is on to a winner with PS VR2.

I think the only thing that could hinder PS VR2 would be a lack of first-party support from PlayStation. And even though there are some incredible launch games lined up, including the Guerrilla Games-developed Horizon Call of the Mountain, Sony needs to show much more support and needs to get at least some of their first-party studios working on PS VR2 games.