PS VR2 Price and Release Date Revealed

Launches 22nd February 2023 priced at £530.00

PS VR2 headset and sense controllers

Sony has finally revealed the price, release date and pre-order details of the hotly anticipated PS VR2 headset.

Sony sure ain’t doing things fancy recently, instead of a flashy showcase the eagerly awaited price and release date of PlayStation VR2 was announced via a PlayStation Blog post. I suppose it’s getting the information that matters and not how that information is delivered.

PlayStation VR2 Release Date

PS VR2 will release on February 22nd, 2023. The blog post does not mention any kind of staggered launch so it should launch everywhere on that date.

PlayStation VR2 Price

Sony will be releasing two PS VR2 bundles. The regular PS VR2 includes the headset, the Sense controllers and stereo headphones. And a bundle that also has a digital download code for Horizon Call of the Mountain.

PS VR2 price

PS VR2 retail box
  • UK Price – £529.99
  • Europe Price – €599.99
  • US Price – $549.99

PS VR2 with Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle price

PS VR2 Horizon Cal of the Mountain bundle retail box
  • UK Price – £569.99
  • Europe Price – €649.99
  • US Price – $599.99

The price of the PS VR2 might seem a bit, well, pricey at first but if memory serves me the original PS VR bundles with the move controllers and camera was around the £500 mark. Once you take inflation into account and the fact that the PS VR2 tech is far superior to the original PS VR then it really isn’t that expensive at all. Although a release date shortly after Christmas and New Year with the economy in the shitter may prove a bit too much for some people to buy the PS VR2 on day one.

PS VR2 Pre Orders

Also announced on the PlayStation blog post was how you can pre-order the PS VR2. Pre-Orders will start from November 15th. You can register to receive an invite to pre-order but registering does not guarantee you an invite. Other people, including myself, have gotten pre-order invites without having to register. I am not sure exactly what triggers an automatic invite though. But you probably increase your chances of getting one if you own the original PS VR.

Exciting times are ahead for PlayStation Fanatics everywhere. Not only is there still some great games this year, but 2023 is also looking like an absolute banger for top-notch games releases. And now we have PS VR2 and all the awesome immersion that will bring. It’s a great time to be a PlayStation player.