PS VR2 Will Feature at Sony’s CES 2023 Press Conference

PS VR2 might take centre stage at Sony’s tech show press conference

Sony CES 2023 PS VR2

PlayStation VR2 will be featured during Sony’s CES 2023 press conference. The electronics giant hasn’t said exactly what they will show or talk about in regard to PS VR2. But we know that the PS5’s VR headset will be at their show because the YouTube video thumbnail shows a person wearing the headset and holding the Sense controllers.

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Sony CES 2023 press conference will be streamed live at 1 am GMT on Thursday 5th of January.

There could be possibly more games announced during the press conference or Sony may be using it to generally just promote the PS VR2. I am hoping that they will announce a demo disk, similar to what we had with PSVR. Or better yet a free pack-in game.

PS VR2 launches on February 22nd 2023. It#s priced at £530 for the headset and controllers or £570 for the Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle. It can be pre-ordered via PlayStation Direct.

As well as Horizon Call of the Mountain, there are several other games coming to PS VR2 at launch. Including Moss & Moss Book II, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxies, Edge, Resident Evil Village VR Mode and more.