PS VR2 WIll Have Over 20 MAJOR First and Third-Party Games At Launch

A strong launch lineup

PS VR2 headset

The launch of Sony’s next-gen PlayStation VR2 for PS5 is probably not too far off, it could come later this year or, if rumours are to be believed, early next year. Whenever PS VR2 arrives it looks like Sony is planning a substantial line-up of launch games. In a recent investor presentation, it was confirmed that PS VR2 will have 20+ MAJOR first and third-party games when it launches.

In the presentation, which was going over new growth vectors for PlayStation, one of the slides confirms that there are 20+ major first and third-party games coming to PS VR2 at launch. 20+ games sound like a lot but it is worth noting that PS VR had about 47 launch titles, not including VR experiences.

The major takeaway from this presentation though is, well, the use of the word “major.” This would imply that the 20+ titles are of very high quality, so no cheap, poorly made, or quick ports here.

As for PlayStation Studios’ first-party PS VR2 games, only Horizon Call of the Mountain has been announced so far. There have been a few third-party games ‘confirmed’ by third-party developers and publishers though. Including PS VR2 games in development by nDreams.

Sony has yet to announce a release date or pricing for PlayStation VR2, but I would suspect that this will come before the end of the year.