PS4 System Software Update 8.0 Is Out Today

PS4 system changes and changes to PS apps

PS4 system sotware update 8 details

PS4 System Software update 8.0 has launched today and brings with it a wealth of changes to the PS5 software and to PlayStation Apps.

I’ve had the chance to try the beta version of system software update 8.0 for the past few months and it adds some nice new features to the PS4’s system software.

A week ago PlayStation made some trophy changes that saw players trophy levels increase, a new level calculation system and new level icons.

PS4 system software version 8.0 is 476.9MB, so shouldn’t take too long to download and install.

PS4 System Software Version 8.0 Key Features

Here are some of the key changes in update 8.0.

New Avatars

PS4 system software update 8 new avatars

A host of fancy new avatars to showcase on your profile have been added with system software update 8.0. Avatars from games like Ghost of Tsushima, Ratchet & Clank, Bloodborne, Journey, The Last of Us Part 2 and many others have been added. Some of the new avatars also have a cool circular design.

Mute All Mics From The Quick Menu

PS4 system software update 8 - quick menu mute all mics

Another handy feature of PS4 system software update 8.0 is the new “Mute All Microphones” setting in the quick menu. Simply press and hold the PS button on the controller to access the quick menu, then check the “Mute All Microphones” option. So you can quickly and easily mute all your mics when your dog starts barking like a lunatic.

Enhanced 2-Step Verification

The PS4’s 2-step verification feature will now support third-party authenticator apps during activation and sign-in across PS4, mobile apps and the web.

Communities & Events Changes

Communities & Events have changed with PS4 system software update 8.0. You can now no longer create private communities via the communities app on PS4 but can continue to access private communities already created.

You can no longer create parties form the community screen, you’ll have to create a group in Party instead. And you can no longer create a new event in the Events app on PS4.

Changes to PlayStation Apps

Some PlayStation Apps have also been updated with the recent PS5 system software update.

PS5 Remote Play

PS Remote Play App PS5

The PS4 Remote Play app has now been renamed to PS Remote Play. The App also has the option to connect to your PS5. I tried connecting to my PS5, then I remembered I actually don’t have one yet. Just one more month.

PS Messages Will Be Integrated into the PS App

PS Messages app annoucnement

The PlayStation Messages app will be going away and instead will be integrated into the new PlayStation App. This has been a long-requested feature from PlayStation fans who found it annoying having to deal with several apps instead of having messages included with the PS App.

PS4 system software update 8.0 is avaialble to downlaod and install now. For the full list of changes see the PS4 system software help article on

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