More Details Provided on Official PS5 Accessories

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PS5 Accessories

Sony has updated the official PlayStation 5 website with some cool 360° views of the PS5 Accessories. Not only can we get a better look at the PS5 peripherals, but it also looks like some new info has been added along with the new all-around views.

In total there will be five official PS5 accessories available when the console launches. The DualSense Controller, DualSense Charging Station, Pulse 3D Wireless headset, PS5 Media remote and an HD Camera.

DualSense Controller

With Sony’s earlier announcement that the DualShock 4 controller won’t work with PS5 only games, investing in a spare DualSense when the PS5 launches may be necessary.

A ton of info has already been revealed about the DualSense features, but the updated PS5 website has given us a closer look at the built-in microphone and audio jack.

DualSense built-in microphone and headset jack

Another new bit of info about the DualSense is that it appears that the controller will have it’s own software updates in addition to the PS5’s system software updates.

A line at the bottom of the DualSense page reads:

“Always update your PS5 system software and the wireless controller device software to the latest version.”

DualSense charging station

PS5 accessories - DualSense charging station

The DualSense charging station will let you charge up to two DualSesne controllers quickly and easily using the click-in design. The page on the PS5 website is pretty vague on how the charging station will be powered.

The description states that “you can free up USB ports”, so that would imply that the charging station is probably mains powered.

Pulse 3D wireless headset

The Pulse 3D headset has been designed to deliver 3D audio, made possible by the PS5’s Tempest 3D Audio technology.

New information on the PS5 accessories pages, go into a bit more detail on what features the stylish looking headset will have.

The Pulse 3D will have dual hidden microphones for crystal clear voice chat and will be good enough to pick up your extremely loud barking dog in the background. The headset also features easy-access controls to adjust things like in-game audio to chat mix.

Sony’s new PS5 headset will also have a built-in 3.5mm audio jack, so you can use them with PSVR as well as your mobile phone. The built-in headset controls won’t be supported on PSVR or mobile devices though.

On the downside, the fancy new PS5 headset will require a wireless adaptor, which will need to be plugged into one of the PS5’s USB ports. As we don’t yet know how many USB ports the PS5 will have, we do know that we will have one less if we’re using the Pulse 3D headset. On the plus side, the headset will work with the PS4 and PC using the adaptor.

PS5 Media remote

There’s not a lot to say about the PS5 Media remote. It’s a remote control that lets you navigate media on your PS5. You will be able to power on the PS5 and navigate its menus. The PS5 Media remote can even adjust the power and volume settings of compatible TV’s.

PS5 HD camera

If you fancy yourself as a Twitch streamer, then the PS5 HD camera might just be for you.

According to the PS5 website, you’ll be able to quickly create a recording or broadcast of yourself and your gameplay using the DualSense Create button.  So you’ll be able to capture the moment and the sheer sign of relief on your face when you finally beat that really difficult boss in Demon’s Souls. Or the moment you rage quit and throw your DualSense through your TV when you don’t beat the boss.

If you want to go the whole hog with your Twitch streaming, then you could invest in a green screen. With a green screen, you can use the PS5 HD camera’s background removal tools to cut out your boring living room to replace the scene with something more epic.

Sony has still to announce the prices of the PlayStation 5 accessories but rumours point to an event later this month. So, maybe we will find out then, hopefully, along with the PS5 price and pre-orders as well.