PS5 Captures Your Trophy Unlocks With A Cool New Animation

PS5 will also record some video of your trophy unlocks

PS5 Trophy unlock animation

PS5 trophy hunters are in for a treat as Sony’s next-gen console has added a fancy new animation when you are about to unlock a trophy. It also seems that the PS5 will capture some video footage of your trophy unlock as well as a screenshot.

In a recent video by Greg Miller of Kinda Funny Games, he explains that he wanted to capture his first PS5 trophy. But the recording from his external recording hardware got corrupted.

He thought that the trophy unlocks footage had been lost. Turns out that the PS5 records a kind of build-up to unlocking the trophy and the actual trophy unlock notification itself.

PS5 trophy unlock animation

The screenshot above shows the PS5 trophy unlock build-up. It seems that you won’t see the build-up animation when playing the game but you will see when watching the footage the PS5 has recorded.

It sounds like the image above is also the screenshot the PS5 captures for your trophy unlock.

The PS5 will also show a regular trophy unlock notification similar to the PS4.

PS5 trophy unlock notification

This is a pretty cool new trophy and recording feature for the PS5. On PS4, only a screenshot was captured when you unlocked the trophy. The screenshot showed the trophy notification in the top-left and what you were doing in-game at the time when the trophy popped.

However, any video footage you recorded on PS4 would not show the trophy notification. So if you wanted to do a trophy guide video, you would have to fork out for additional recording hardware.

But it seems that is not the case with the PS5. You”’ see the cool new trophy animation when you watch your gameplay footage back.

PS4 v PS5 Trophy Unlock Notifications

PS4 v PS5 Trophy Notifications

There’s not a huge amount of difference between the PS5 and PS5 trophy notifications. The PS5 notification has rounded corners to fit more with the PS5 UI‘s overall aesthetic.

Both the PS4 and PS5 trophy notifications have the trophy icon on the left of the notification bar. But the PS5 has the trophy name at the top and the ‘Trophy Earned’ text below it.

One other difference with the PS5 trophy notifications is that the notification pop-up now appears on the top-right of the screen whereas the PS5 notification appears at the top-left.

It certainly looks like trophies are getting a pretty major overhaul with the PS5. We have already learned that PS5 will have a trophy tracking feature and that there may even be digital rewards for unlocking some trophies on PS5.

PlayStation 5 is set to release on November 19th in the UK & Europe and on November 12th in the US. We will undoubtedly see some more cool little features as YouTubers and press sites get more hands-on time with the PS5 and its games.

Source: YouTube & Twitter