PS5 Consoles Will Still Be Hard To Get In 2022

Demand for PS5 is high but components to make them are coming up short

PS5 consoles will still be hard to get in 2022

Sony has said in its latest financial report that PS5 could still be in short supply this year, and perhaps beyond. PlayStation 5 consoles have been in high demand since they launched in November last year. But due to chip and component shortages, the Japanese manufacturer has revised its PS5 sales forecast for FInancial Year 2021 to 11.5  million units.

The PS5 has sold 17.3 million units since its launch last year which is behind the 20.2 million units the PS4 sold during the same period.

Sony’s gaming division saw sales decrease to 813.3 billion yen (£5,216,274,751)  by Q3 of the Financial year 2021. This is compared to sales of 883.2 Billion Yen for the same quarter of the last financial year the year PS5 launched.) This decrease in sales for Sony’s gaming business is the result of a decrease in hardware and peripheral sales (due to a shortage of PS5’s.) 

The lower sales are also attributed to a decrease in first-party game sales because there wasn’t that many released during 2021. And a decrease in third-party game sales as well as add-on content(DLC).

Regarding the shortage of PS5 consoles for sale at the moment, Sony also said that supply limitations of components are likely to continue going forward. However, they are “continuing to exert every effort to meet the strong demand for PS5.

Source: Sony / Engadget