PS5 DualSense Controller Impressions

My initial impression of the DualSense is, it’s pretty damn good

PS5 DualSense Controller Impressions

Happy belated PS5 launch day to everybody in the USA, Canada. Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea who got their PS5 on the 12th of November.

I didn’t get my PS5 on the 12th of November, being from the UK I need to wait until the 19th to receive delivery of the console I have been dreaming about for months now.

But like other UK and European PlayStation Fanatics, I did get my pre-ordered PS5 DualSense controller and a couple of PS5 games on the 12th. It’s just a shame I didn’t have a PS5 to use them on. Oh well, only four more days to go.

Even though I don’t have mt PS5 jsut yet, I eagerly unboxed the DualSense and took a thorough look at the stylish new PS5 controller I will be using for the next 6 – 7 years. So here are my initial impressions of the PS5 DualSense controller.

PS5 DualSense Controller box

PS5 DualSense Controller Impressions

First up let me say a little about the packaging of the DualSense controller. The Packaging a product comes in probably really doesn’t matter too much as you use the product inside the packaging and the box is often discarded.

The DualSense box though basic and withough any design flair did the job it was supposed to do. Protect the DualSense controller. The packaging was basic I thought, an outer box made from thin card material with a picture of the DualSense on the front. Inside the outer box ther was an inner box, made from slightly thicker material.

Basic it may be but it did it’s job of keeping the controller nice and safe. I would rather have basic no-nonsense packaging that some fancy over the top packaging that makes the actual product a little bit more expensive.

DualSense Design

The first thing I noticed about the DualSense was the color. Previously released promotional images for the controller made it look like the top half and back shell where very white. But the controller actually looks like it is a light grey colour. Maybe it’s just my eyesight.

The DualSense looks fantastic, it definatley looks better in person. The balck and white (or light grey) colour scheme looks very next-gen and will go nicely with the PS5 design.

DualSense controller with DualShock 4 controller

Compared with the DualShock 4 the DualSense is certianly a bit bigger and a bit heavier. But even with my small hands it is comfortable to hold. The touchpad is really nice, it is more curved and stylish looking that the DualShock 4’s rectanbular touchpad.

Another nice thing about the DualSense touchpad is that it is smooth. The DualShock 4 touchpad has like a dotted grid design on it which wears away over time at the most pressed area. With the DualSense’s smoother touchpad, this shouldn’t happen.

The L1 and R1 buttons are a bit bigger which is nice, the triggers also feel nice to press although I haven’t experienced the adaptiveness of them yet. I feel the triggers could have used some kind of grip on them though. They feel pretty smooth and might cause slippage during long game sessions where the hands and fingers can get a bit sweaty.

I definatley like the DualSense design. the look and feel of it is one of a premium controller however, it still does feel plasticy. I was hoping Sony might have used a rubberised coating for the controller to give it that extra premium feel and for grip.

DualSense with other PlayStation controllers

DualSense On Other PlayStation Consoles

Naturally I tried to get the DualSense working on my PS4 Pro and it just didn’t happen. The DualSense does not work witht he PS4 at all. I did howver manage to get it to work with the PS3. I got the PS3 to recognise the DualSense while it was connected using the USB cable, alothough for some reason the PS button wouldn’t work.

The DualSense Is Pretty, Pretty Good

My intitial impression is that the DualSense is a great controller. The mian thing is that it is comfortable to hold. It also looks pretty awesome. Now all I need to do is get my PS5 delivered this Thursday so I can experience the Haptics and Adaptive Triggers.