PS5 Fan Creates Their Own Black DualSense and It Looks Incredible

The best looking DualSense yet

Fan made black DualSense looks incredible

Ever since the PS5 DualSense controller got revealed, fans have been mocking up their own designs. A DualSense with a matte black finish has been a very popular design aloing wtih a matte black PS5. Now that the DualSense controller is out in the wild, one fan has created his very own black DualSense – and it looks aboslutely incredible.

Reddit user Yazuka83 is obviously a person with some great artistic skills. They have modified the PS5’s DualSense controller into a thing of sheer beauty by giving it an astounding black finish.

The DualSesne controller already looks fantastic out of the box with its sumptous curves and black and white two-tone colouting. But Yazuka83 has made the DualSense even more mind blowingly sexy.

Back of the Black DualSense controller
Image Credit: u/Yazuka83

Back to Black

Yazuka83 explains in the Reddit post where he shared his work of art that they used basic spray paint to give the DualSense it’s sexy black coat. three light coats and a clear coat to be exact.

Yazuka83 has certainly done an amazing and thorough job as they even gave the touchpad a black finish to complete the overall look. Yazuka explains that they can clikc the touchpad and it works but has not tried swiping the touchpad yet, but sees no reason why the paint would not make the touchpoad work as intended.

Yazuka hasn’t just stopped at giving the DualSense a fancy new paintjob though, they have gone full-on pimp my controller and has swapped out the D-pad and face buttons.

black DualSense PlayStation shape buttons
Image Credit: u/Yazuka83

“I used the face buttons of a Version 1 Dualshock 4 controller. I’m not sure if there is a difference between a Version 2 controller, but in order to use them I had to cut out a little peg on each of them, to put them in the DualSense.” Yazuka83 explains on Reddit.

I think we can all agree that using the coloured buttons fromt he DualShock 4 gives the controller that extra special, classic look.

Even though it sounds like Yazuka has just used basic spray paint you can get from any DIY or hobby shop, there is no denying his application skills are phenomenal. The black DualSense looks so good that you would think that it had been manufactured by Sony themselves.

close up of black DualSense showing etched playstation shapes
Image Credit: u/Yazuka83

Yazuka83 has done such an amazing spray paint job in fact that you can still see the tiny little etched in PlayStation shapes on the back of the controller. I would have thought that painting the controller would have covered the etched in shapes and made the back smoother and flatter. But Yazuka83’s skills have prevailed in keeping that particular design touch of the DualSense intact.

The black DualSense does indeed look really, really sexy. Sony have previously said that they will sell the DualSense with different colur options further down the line. Let’s hope a black one is in the works.

Source: Reddit

All images in this post are credit to u/Yazuka83 on Reddit.